Adhesive Bandage

  • Custom Adhesive Bandages Manufactured in China
  • Available in different shapes and sizes for multiple purposes
  • Color box and bulk packaging

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Adhesive bandages, aka wound plasters or in trademark names – Band-Aid or Elastoplast, are available in different sizes and shapes. They are used for minor cuts and protection from further injury and infection. The adsorbent non-adherent pad can absorb fluids and prevent bandages from sticking the wound. We provide bulk adhesive bandages for brands, supermarkets, drugstores, and other businesses.

Plasters in a variety of different sizes and shapes are available to fit the needs of different markets. For example, metal detectable adhesive bandages are manufactured for application in the food processing industry. Bandages in fun patterns are designed for children while waterproof plasters are favored by those who would like to stay dry when swimming or taking a shower.

As a most used item in first aid to treat small wounds, the adhesive bandage is a must-have item in first aid kits. At Dawn Breeze, we have assembly facilities to help you make first aid kits with customizable contents. In addition to the adhesive bandages, we also provide an extensive portfolio of wound treatment products such as wound dressing pads, conforming bandages, prep pads, and medical tapes.


  • Material: PVC, PE, PU, non-woven, elastic flexible fabric, metal detectable
  • Size: Adhesive Strips – 76 mm * 25 mm,  76 mm * 19 mm, 75 mm * 50 mm, 40 mm * 10 mm or other specified sizes, Knuckle Bandage, Fingertip Bandage, Butterfly Closure, Round Bandage – diameter 22, 25, 35 mm

Adhesive Bandages in Bulk Packing

(for reference, actual packing may differ, contact for details)

  • 100 pcs/box, 100 boxes/carton
  • Carton size: 49*32*30 cm


  • Bulk in Plastic Bags (Contact for a quotation based on different packaging.)
  • Color Box – see below for a full list of ready-made products
  • Custom Color Box with your own design and logo

Bulk Adhesive Bandages in Color Boxes

No. Color Material Size and Shape Feature Packaging
8801 Blue PU Fingertip Waterproof, Metal Detectable 12 pieces/box
8802 Blue PU 76 x 38mm, Knuckle Waterproof, Metal Detectable 12 pieces/box
8803 Blue PU 76 x 25 mm Waterproof, Metal Detectable 20 pieces/box
8804 Blue Elastic Fabric Fingertip Metal Detectable 12 pieces/box
8805 Blue Elastic Fabric 76 x 38mm, Knuckle Metal Detectable 12 pieces/box
8806 Blue Elastic Fabric 76 x 25 mm Metal Detectable 20 pieces/box
8807 Tan PE 76 x 19 mm 100 pieces/box
8808 Clear PE 76 x 19 mm 100 pieces/box
8809 Clear PE Spot, Dia.22mm 100 pieces/box
8810 Clear PU 76 x 25 mm Waterproof 20 pieces/box
8811 Tan PU 76 x 25 mm Waterproof 20 pieces/box
8812 Tan Elastic Fabric 76 x 19 mm 30 pieces/box
8813 White Non-Woven 76 x 19 mm Gentle 50 pieces/box
8814 Light skin color PE 76 x 19 mm Breathable 50 pieces/box
8815 Light skin color PE Spot, Dia. 22 mm Breathable 100 pieces/box
8816 Light skin color PE Mini, 40 x 10 mm Breathable 100 pieces/box
8817 Multi-color PU 54 x 22 mm Kids Animal Shape 30 pieces/box
8818 Camo-color PU 76 x 19mm Kids fun color 30 pieces/box
8819 Tan PU 76 x 25 mm, 40 x 10 mm, spot Waterproof, assorted 50 pieces/box

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