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Welcome to Dawn Breeze. We are a group that specializes in supplying quality wholesale first aid kits to clients all around the world. Based in China, we are specifically focused on providing our clients with an array of goods that relate to the medical and safety industry. These involve commonly used products such as customized metal first aid medical boxes, first aid supplies, knee braces and orthopedic back braces.

Our talented team handles custom and contract manufacturing that contributes to creating products that we provide for the brands, retailers, wholesalers, and online sellers that we work with. As part of our services, we strive to create products that will be able to fulfill the needs of our clients. We carry out procedures along with the basic manufacturing of the goods that involve private labeling, custom logos, and unique packaging to fit the brand image of your company that can efficiently attract the attention of your target audience.

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Our mission is to offer you customizable products, supplement your sales, and help grow your business. We are dedicated to making sure the product is perfect for you from product specifications and labeling to packaging and shipping requirements. We value the efficiency of delivery with respect to prices, time and service.

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Prompt Replies

Why Work with Us

Here at Dawn Breeze, our company as a whole works hard to ensure the complete satisfaction of each of our individual clients. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and provide you with exceptional goods and services that will effectively take care of all of your needs. We, as a wholesale first aid kits manufacturer, provide our clients with the unique opportunity to have access to the supplies that we offer no matter where they reside within the world.

Our company is able to export internationally so that anyone can take advantage of our goods. With all of our operations, we implement strategies and an overall mindset that encourages productivity and quality. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a prominent leader within this industry due to our extensive experience and the passion we have for our jobs. When our clients work with us, they will be met with reliable services that work specifically in their favor in order to further their own development. We infuse a deep sense of care into everything that we do.

What We Do

  • Worldwide exports: Regardless of where you may be, we are able to export our medical supplies such as wholesale first aid kits straight to your desired location or nearest airport/seaport. Because of this, anyone can access our wholesale materials for use in their own business.
  • Reliable service: One of the main priorities of our company is maintaining a reliable service that builds trust between wholesale first aid kits manufacturers and our clients. We are committed to developing long term relationships based around loyalty by consistently supplying our clients with the absolute best in terms of customer service and care. Our representatives are always here to provide you with quick support that can resolve any of your issues. We are constantly pushing ourselves to expand our capabilities and enhance the service we provide to our client base.
  • Quality products: We work to ensure this quality by carrying out our operations in a reputable manner while also performing frequent checks that examine aspects of our products so that we export only the best.

Metal Boxes and Cabinets

Our first aid boxes and cabinets are produced using metal materials to ensure their sturdiness and durability over time. These items are perfect for holding a range of first aid supplies so that organization can be kept up with easily. We offer a range of different sizes and designs so that you can choose the ones that will best fulfill your needs as a business. Our manufacturing facility is capable of custom metal box fabrication so clients can order custom sheet metal boxes from us.

First Aid Medical Supplies China

From portable first aid bags that carry general supplies to 50 person workplace supply kits, we offer our clients a number of diverse products that vary in their size and capabilities. Because of this extensive selection including metal first aid box, workplace first aid kit, first aid supplies, wound dressing,  medical sports tape and more, you will be able to easily select the items that will work best for your individual circumstances.

Supports and Braces

Our orthopedic supports and braces are perfect for protection from sports-related injuries as well as improving rehabilitation efforts. Clients that work with us can access a multitude of different products within this category that are specifically linked to features such as the back, wrist, elbow, and knee.

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