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Dawn Breeze is a China manufacturer and exporter of high-quality first aid kits and metal boxes. With over 20 years of experience in the first aid and safety industry, we have earned the trust of our global clients.

Our clean room facility allows us to create first aid kits according to clients’ specifications with high-quality standards. We also operate a metal processing facility where we manufacture first aid boxes, AED cabinets, medical cabinets, eye wash and medical supply stations and safety signs. At Dawn Breeze, we are committed to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, and take pride in delivering only the best products and services to our clients.

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Serving the First Aid Kit and Safety Industry


We manufacture fully customizable first aid kits, with a wide range of container options including metal boxes, plastic boxes, nylon bags, plastic fill bags, EVA boxes and paper cardboard cartons. The contents can be tailored to the intended use, with quality supplies for cuts and scrapes, sprains and strains, fracture, insect bites, burns, bleeding control.


Specializing in creating custom metal first aid boxes, cabinets, and stations, we can meet the specific storage needs for the first aid supplies. With our rich experience and knowledge in metal processing and first aid kits, we can assist in designing and manufacturing metal containers and wall mounts that can keep first aid products secure and easy to access.


We offer private label using customizable options such as custom color boxes, screen printing, decals, tags and stickers. By partnering with us, clients can provide robust first aid storage solutions to their customers while also enhancing their brand exposure and recognition in the market.


Plastic boxes are a popular choice for storing first aid supplies. For clients who require a large quantity of boxes or a unique design, creating a private mold is a beneficial option. We can help with the design, mold production, validation and the mass production.

Client Success Stories

Our Tailored Solutions to Addressing Clients’ Needs

Case 1: Custom Design

Client’s Need: A tailored metal first aid cabinet design with specific compartments, latch, small first aid item holders, and logo requirements.

Our Solution: We worked closely with the client to understand their design draft and produced the metal first aid cabinet sample for review and feedback. Bulk production only started after physical samples were confirmed.

Client Background

First Aid Kit Brand

Case 2: Packaging

Client’s Need: Reliable packaging for medical cabinets to ensure safe shipping even for long-distance courier transports due to the client’s business model.

Our Solution: We proposed several packaging methods and tested each one by performing multiple drop tests. This ensures that the products will arrive safely to users, improving customer satisfaction.

Client Background

E-commerce Business

Case 3: Collaboration

Client’s Need: Assistance in connecting with specified component manufacturers and assembling the first aid kits for a seamless export process.

Our Solution: We collaborated with the client and specified suppliers to arrange the sourcing and inspection of necessary parts. Then the kits are assembled as a complete product to the client.

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First Aid Kit Wholesaler

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