Our Products

Here at Dawn Breeze, we have 20 years of experience supplying wholesale medical & safety supplies to our worldwide clients. Serving our clients efficiently and professionally to help them increase competitiveness in their marketplace is our goal. We value partnerships with our customers and build trust in product, service and cost-effective solutions.

In this online catalog, we list a variety of medical & safety products, ranging from first aid supplies to orthopedic supports, for application in first aid, emergency medical service, workplace safety, sports protection, and home health care. In addition to the products we are currently providing, bespoken products are provided to meet specific requirements. Packaging, printing or labeling can be customized for your business.

If you would like to know more information, please enter the product page and submit your enquiry. For general enquiries, you could also use the contact us form to submit your questions. We will respond within one business day.