Tourniquet with Windlass

The emergency first aid tourniquet is a first aid tool used to control life-threatening hemorrhage from arm or leg injuries. It utilizes a windlass to reach full occlusion.

Additional information

Size (cm)

3.8 (W) x 83.8 (L)

Size (inch)

1.5 (W) x 33 (L)


70 g


Plastic Windlass, Metal Windlass


Tourniquet with Windlass

The product consists of

  • a self-adhering 1.5-inch constricting band with a buckle
  • a windlass rod and locking clips to tighten the band
  • a white strap on top of the locking clips to secure the band and record the time.



Product Use

The tourniquet must NOT be placed on a joint or applied over solid objects.
The tourniquet should be placed 2 inches above the wound site.
The tourniquet must NOT be used in snake bite situations.



Each product is in an individual flow package with an instruction page inside.


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