Sterile Gauze Swab Gauze Pad

We offer a superior range of sterile gauze swabs which are customized as per specific requirements of our clients. Our sterile gauze swabs are manufactured in sterile conditions in an in-house medical clean room of 100K standards.

  • 100% cotton swabs with high absorbency level
  • Size: 2” * 2”/3” * 3”/4” * 4”/4” * 8”/8” * 16”
  • Used for cleaning and prepping wounds, or applying medication
  • Offered in various sizes, plies, thread counts (see details below)
  • Available in American & French folds, with/without X-ray detectable thread.

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Sterile Gauze Swab Gauze Pad

Sterile Gauze Swabs are used for cleaning and prepping wounds, or applying medication.


  • Material: 100% bleached cotton
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Standard: ISO 13485/CE/FDA
  • MOQ: 30000 Pcs


Custom Manufacturing Service

We could supply several kinds of gauze swabs with your specifications:

1) ply: 4ply, 8ply, 12ply, 16ply, 24ply, 32ply;

2) Yarn: 21s, 32s, 40s;

3) Mesh: 19*9/18*10/20*12/19*15/24*20/26*18/30*20 etc.;

4) Size: 2” * 2”/3” * 3”/4” * 4”/4” * 8”/8” * 16”


5) Folded Edge/Open edge

6) With or without X-ray detectable thread

7) Sterile Method: EO, Gamma Ray



1 pcs/pouch, 2 pcs/pouch, 5 pcs/pouch, 10 pcs/pouch (medical grade paper-paper or PE-paper sterile peel-off pouch)


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