Post Op Recovery Lite ROM Knee Brace

  • Range of motion setting between 0 – 105° of flexion and 0 – 90° extension
  • Straps along the hinge bar offer support and stability.
  • Narrow foam pads under the straps provide cushioning for added comfort


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Post Op Recovery Lite ROM Knee Brace

Product No. 2937


The post op knee brace is designed to provide protection and for patients recovering from knee surgery or having knee injuries. The brace is user-friendly and can be easily adjusted for custom fit.  A complete range of motion is allowed and controlled by the hinge and the locking system.
Material Neoprene, Nylon, Aluminum Alloy frame
Color Black
Size S/M/L
Weight 795 g
Options Right/Left
Minimum Order Quantity 200 pcs
Packaging Polybag


Packing & Delivery

Packing 20 pcs/carton, Carton Size: 65*40*50cm
Delivery Options Sea shipping, port receiving or customers specifying freight forwarders
Air shipping, airport receiving
Lead Time 20 ~ 30 days depending on quantities



Size Overall Length Thigh Calf
S 50 cm 39-45cm 32-39cm
M 54 cm 45-51cm 39-46cm
L 58 cm 51-57cm 46-52cm


More options

Reduced/Full leg foam wraps

Telescoping hinge


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