Porous Sports Tape

  • Cotton backing
  • Breathable for max comfort
  • Available in different sizes

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The porous sports tape has the sawtooth edge to assist in tearing so it can be applied with your desired length without the need of scissors. Also, it is designed with high strength so it is suitable for rigid strapping uses.


  • High strength to wrap securely
  • Water resistant
  • Porous and breathable for enhanced comfort
  • Multi-color options including camo colors
  • Different widths of sports tape for wrist, elbow, knee, ankle

Porous Sports Tape Specification

  • Material: cotton backing
  • Size: 2.5 cm x 10 y, 3.8 cm x 10 y, 5 cm x 10 y, or other specified sizes
  • Edge Type: Pinked edge

Packaging Options

  • Bulk: 12 rolls/box
  • Single Tape in Blister packaging

Packing Info

Size Rolls/carton Carton Size
2.5cm×10y 120 29.5×22.5×28.5
3.8cm×10y 120 29.5×22.5×41.5
5cm×10y 60 29.5×22.5×28.5


Dawn Breeze has the capabilities to customize the tape size, backing, adhesives, construction to meet your specific application requirements. Custom manufacturing products are provided. In addition to the above sizes, we could manufacture porous sports tape that matches your specifications, for example, 1-inch sports tapes suitable for small body joints that are less common in the market. Also, though white sports tapes are a popular choice, we could also make camo sports tape that creates special brand appearance and provides more choice for your customers. In all, in order to implement your brand’s strategy, we manufacture custom made products to support your ideas and turn those into reality.


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