Medical and Surgical Tape, Paper Tape

– Gentle and breathable tape.

– Used for general dressing applications

– Easy to cut and tear


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Just what you need to assure your first aid kit or medical supply kit, is truly complete. Available for purchase in a variety of sizes with 12/24 rolls per box bulk packaging or single roll packages, this hard-working Paper Tape is used primarily for general dressing applications and wound care. Easy to cut and tear so you don’t have to stop and use scissors to separate each piece needed for use, this product is also incredibly gentle as well as breathable, preventing possible skin irritations or discomfort upon removal during a dressing change. A simple but essential item required for any wound or post-surgical dressing application.

Dawn Breeze partner with a surgical paper tape manufacturer and this supports us in providing our clients with custom and contract manufactured products. If you are looking for surgical paper tapes to be made in China and also long-term supplying partnership, look no further and we are the one who helps you get the right products for your market!

Surgical Paper Tape Specifications

Sizes: 1.25cm*4.5m, 1.25cm*9m, 2.5cm * 4.5m, 2.5cm * 9m or any other specified size (0.5” × 5y, 0.5” × 10y, 1” × 5y, 1” × 10y)


– 12 rolls/box, 24 rolls/box





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