3103 Large First Aid Cabinet, 15”×22”×5.5”

The closable first aid kit cabinet is used in offices, buildings, and other facilities with 100 or more occupants for first aid. It is designed to hold a wide selection of first-aid products, devices, and medical supplies.

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Cold Rolled Steel

Size (cm)

38.8 x 56.3 x 14

Size (inch)

15 x 22 x 5.5


Large Wall Mounted First Aid Cabinet, 4-shelf

Dawn Breeze is a supplier and exporter of custom metal first aid kit cabinets in China. The large 4-shelf industrial wall mounted first aid cabinet is made with rust-resistant steel and finished with powder coating.

It is used in large workplace settings and serves the needs of 100-150 employees. First aid supplies stocked in unitized color boxes can be filled in this first aid kit cabinet for easy access.  Ready-made or custom door pouches are offered to store small items such as scissors, tweezers, pads, gloves, etc.


Model No.:3103


  • Door swing open to the side
  • Two latches to keep the case closed
  • Can be wall mounted with provided keyhole slots in back
  • Carrying Handle facilitates transportation to the site of an injury



  • Material: Steel
  • Dimension: 563×388×140mm (22”Height × 15 ”Width × 5.5”Depth)
  • Net Weight: 6 kg


Our service

  • Screen printing on cabinet surface for easy identification
  • Custom made cabinets with specified design and dimensions
  • Quick quotation
  • Samples offered



  • Lead Time: around 30 days depending on quantities
  • Shipping options:
  1. FedEx or your own courier account for samples, door to door;
  2. By sea for batch goods, port receiving;
  3. Negotiable shipping methods.


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