Gauze Bandage – Individually Flow Wrapped

We supply a wide range of gauze bandages that fulfill your specific requirement.

  • Used as either a primary or secondary dressing.
  • Offered in various sizes and thread counts (see detail page below)
  • Size: 5cm * 5m/7.5 cm*5m/10cm*5m/15cm*5m

Additional information


Gauze Bandage – Individual Flow Wrapped


Material: 100% bleached cotton

MOQ: 10000 Dozen

Shelf Life: 3 years for sterile, 5 years for non-sterile

Standard: ISO 13485/CE/FDA


Yarn: 40s/32s/21s

Mesh: 19*9/18*10/20*12/19*15/24*20/26*18/30*20

Size: 5cm * 5m / 7.5 cm * 5m / 10cm * 5m / 15cm * 5m

Sterile Method: EO, Gamma Ray



1 roll/individual flow wrapped package



The table below shows the carton size (cm x cm x cm) for different kinds of gauze bandages.

Item Size Mesh: 19×15 Mesh: 24×20 Mesh: 30×20 Quantity
5cm*5m 53x26x22 53x28x24 53x30x26 100 Dozens
7.5cm*5m 77x26x22 77x28x24 77x30x26 100 Dozens
10cm*5m 58x51x22 53x28x24 53x30x26 100 Dozens
15cm*5m 77x26x42 77x28x44 77x30x46 100 Dozens



Port: Shanghai

Shipping Method:

1.Fedex for samples, Door to Door

2.By air or by sea for batch goods, Airport/Port receiving;

3.Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods.


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