Wrist Support

Carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries, arthritis pain and other chronic problems that affect the wrist or hand can make everyday exercises and activities quite difficult. Luckily, the right wrist guard and support can help to ease the pain so that you can perform your daily activities as usual and stay active. We are China wrist brace supplier provides a wide selection of wrist support brace that offers comfort and superior flexibility you’re looking for.

We have a partnership with industry-leading China wrist brace manufacturer to offer you custom logo wrist wraps at an affordable rate. Our wrist supports can be custom made in many sizes so to fit properly almost any size of hand and wrist. Choose the high-quality wrist support that meets your requirements, whether you need good compression or warmth from arthritis relief or have injured your thumb. We have some protection wrist brace that is primarily designed for either right or left hand or can be used on both. Different colors are available to choose from.

The product list shows several types of wrist supports in a variety of occasions. Neoprene or knitted wrist sleeves are used to provide warmth and compression to the area. Wrist straps used in active sports and gym activities provide protection and enhance sports performance.

Weightlifting Wrist Straps Custom Logo

Our Weightlifting Wrist Straps are best workout accessory primarily designed to reduce pressure on your forearms and wrists when you moving quite large amounts of weight. Wrist straps can reduce the fatigue and stress your hands and wrists experience during your weightlifting session.

 Wrist Splint Brace

If you experience pain, numbness or tingling in your fingers, then you may be suffering carpal tunnel syndrome. It is quite a common condition that affects individuals in all types of work. It occurs when there is pressure on the median nerve. When this nerve goes through the wrist, it passes via the carpal tunnel. If there is swelling in the wrist, then that tunnel gets squeezed and pinches the nerve that causes the carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you catch the condition early enough, then wrist splint brace can help you to relieve carpal tunnel signs. Splint Wrist braces provide extra support by incorporating rigid stays to stabilize weak or injured wrists. Our wrist support products provide durability for daily wear so you may find it quite beneficial to wear our wrist brace during the day.


We are a wholesale supplier and exporter of orthopedic wrist supports and braces which include custom wrist wraps offering superior flexibility and durability for business all over the world. We have a solid reputation in the market for offering the most reliable service, low cost and effective procurement solutions, on-time deliveries and top-notch products that last for many years to come. We are dedicated to helping our clients source the right products in an easy and effective way. We provide private-label branding service for clients, helping you establish a unique identity in your market and promote your business. The packaging and labels are made to your specifications including logo, product name, description and packaging method.

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