Waist Back Support

Stay Healthy and Mobile with Our Back Support Products

We are a back brace supplier and exporter in China carries a wide selection of men women wholesale back braces that offer support and compression needed to minimize lower back pain that is caused by muscle sprains and strains. We partner with top China back brace manufacturer to provide our clients with high-quality back braces manufacturing solutions.

Back injuries are one of the common reasons behind job-related injuries. Activities that need repetitive strain or motion on the back, such as twisting and lifting, can lead to back sore muscles and ultimately, back pain. Injuries related to back generally occur during physical activities.

Wholesale Back Brace Supplier

Back braces are the type of orthotic device designed to provide support and limit motion of the spine for preventative and rehabilitative purposes. Wearing a back brace can provide relief, enhance healing and help to prevent future back problems. The wraps immobilize weak or injured regions and provide warmth for recovery and pain alleviation in the back.

Wearing a back brace during times of physical tension can help prevent injury. Our wholesale back braces offer compression that helps to stabilize your back while moving around. Our quality back braces can be used to offer additional support to your back and reduce pressure and strain on the spine while lifting, moving or twisting. They make transitional movements like from sitting to standing and more comfortably. We also carry products to help with slouching and posture.

Whether you need support while moving and lifting things while on the work or for general, need all-day support, we have a partnership with leading back brace manufacturer in China to fulfill your needs.

Posture Back Corrector

Our posture back correctors are comfortable and lightweight to wear for improving your posture. If you begin to round your shoulders or slouch, then the device can offer gentle yet firm correction and support. A posture corrector works by reducing forward shoulder movements and limiting spine bending and slouching. Individuals who experience back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain can also greatly benefit from our posture corrector.

Lower Back Stabilizer

We have lower back stabilizer products that can help you to prevent and treat lower back through right alignment and support. If your lower back pain is caused by sedentary work or other reasons, then we wholesale back braces you can purchase to get relief from your lower back pain.

Clients we serve & order process

Our main clients include orthotics brands, chiropractic & therapy center and importers. We provide both off-the-shelf and custom-manufactured back braces to serve different sourcing needs.

We schedule back brace manufacturing after receiving an order. This enables us to make items that are tailored to specific requirements of customers with the best price. Whether it is the color, design or material composition, we can produce the back supports that fit for your target market and users.

We look for long-term relationships with all of our clients by offering them quality products and reliable services. Get back support products at a reasonable rate.

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