Knee Support

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Dawn Breeze is a supplier and exporter of knee supports and braces in China. Our extensive knee support portfolio offers an array of options for online sellers, retail chain brands, physical therapists and importers. We also manufacture custom products tailored to customers’ requirements.

Knee sleeves are slip-on devices working well for swelling and mild knee pain. They can be made of neoprene, nylon, spandex, acrylic, polyester, cotton or fabric blends. In additional to these basic knee sleeves, we also have make sleeves with certain materials added for enhanced performance. Copper/silver infused thread has been applied in supports for its biocidal properties. With magnets and tourmaline embedded, the far-infrared supports can emit far-infrared light which helps with the healing process. Bamboo charcoal supports have the similar characteristics of producing far-infrared lights in addition to their benefits of odor-removing and toxin.

Wrapped knee supports are alternatives for people who prefer easy taking on/off and adjustable fit and compression level.

Knee braces with medial and lateral spring stays offer reinforced support and stability for the knee.

Hinged Knee braces are often applied for after-surgery patients to keep the knee in the proper alignment when bending. Sleeve type and wraparound type of hinged knee supports are both available. Range-of-motion hinged knee brace is an upgraded version which limit the flexion and extension within a certain angle for knee recovery in different stages.

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