Knee Support

As a supplier and exporter of china compression knee brace neoprene knee supports, we have an extensive knee support portfolio offering an array of options for online sellers, brands and procurement specialists.

A Knee brace is a brace that is used to support and align the knee after an injury or surgical procedures. When you are suffering from diseases that cause neurological or muscular impairment of muscles, the knee braces can help you to prevent further damage and pace up the healing process. As the knee is the largest joint in the body, it has a delicate mechanism. So, when its mechanism is disrupted or distorted, taking preventive measures is important. It can be stressed, traumatized, or injured easily during many sports activities.

From China compression knee brace to China neoprene knee support, we have a vast type of braces that you will need. We have manufacturing partners working with us in order to provide quality support braces suitable for our customers’ market. Neoprene, nylon, polyester, acrylic, cotton, and spandex are common materials used in our products. By using varied fabrics, different functionalities can be achieved in supports. For more information, here is an article in our blog that introduces the properties of materials used in knee supports.

Here are the popular categories of knee braces which are shown in this catalog.

Knee Compression Brace Sleeves

The compression sleeves are specially designed to provide compression and to keep the knees firm. They provide perfect support to the knees allowing the person to work on their abilities. The quality compression sleeves brace the joints and make the recovery process faster. Knitted with natural/synthetic fabric, compression sleeves demonstrate different touch, durability and performance. We are here to provide you flexible manufacturing solutions for your desired products.

Magnetic far-infrared supports, bamboo charcoal supports (health benefits), copper-infused supports provide more options for our customers. With magnets and tourmaline embedded, supports can emit far-infrared light which helps with the healing process. Bamboo charcoal supports have similar characteristics of producing far-infrared lights in addition to their benefits of odor-removing and toxin. The copper-infused thread has been applied in supports for its biocidal properties.

 Hinged Knee Braces

The hinges in the knee braces are given for stability and make it more adjustable according to the person’s condition. They can be removed and the adjustable strap makes it easier to get the right amount of support you need. It even has extra cushioning from the inside to avoid discomfort.  We offer sleeve and wraparound types for customer groups with different preferences.

 Weightlifting Neoprene Knee Sleeves

The lightweight material of neoprene makes the knee sleeves more useful. As you are wearing the sleeve, you won’t feel it heavy and it won’t disrupt your exercise.  This type of knee sleeves is suitable for weightlifting.

Custom Knee Supports

Based on customers’ needs for durability, elasticity, and ergonomic design, custom knee supports can be manufactured with specified fabric blends and design. We could also help you with custom packaging to meet your budgets while catering to your target market.

Whether you want neoprene knee brace or a knee compression brace, you can find all of them with Dawn Breeze, the best knee support supplier. We have wholesale orthopedic knee supports and contract manufacturing for worldwide businesses. From wholesalers to retailers, we have a partnership with top brands. So, you can rely on the service to get you the right-quality products without any delay. With 20 years of experience in export and supply, we promise to cater to every need of our customer quickly and effectively.

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