Supports and Braces

Dawn Breeze is a supplier and exporter of orthopedic braces and supports in China. We provide custom orthopedic support solution for online sellers, distributor brands, orthotics brands, physical therapists, and chiropractic therapy center globally. With 20 years of experience in supplying wholesale orthopedic supplies and exporting worldwide, we pride ourselves on product quality, service and cost-effective solutions to our valued clients.

Orthopedic braces and supports are home health products designed to provide stability and protection to a certain part of the body and relieve the pain arising from injuries. People get injured and they need help in the recovery process. So, here we are to manufacture braces that help people in daily and sports activities. We offer a great selection of supports that have varying features and benefits.

With our wholesale orthopedic supplies, it will be easy for you to get the products to meet the needs of your customers. Our service has the main goal to fulfill your needs for therapeutic items.

The material of Braces and Supports

Neoprene is a common material used in muscle and joint supports for its soft texture and thermal insulation feature. It provides cushion for your body while retaining the heat required for faster healing. Check out more about the neoprene support products.

Knitting supports (knit compression knee sleeves, knit wrist supports) made of fabric blends give a breathable and comfortable fit. Different knit materials can be utilized for various purposes. Magnetic far-infrared supports, bamboo charcoal supports (health benefits), copper/silver infused supports provide more options for our customers.

The products in our line of orthopedic braces and supports include but not limited to hinged knee braces, knitted compression knee sleeves, ankle supports & braces, wrist wraps, cervical collars, back supports & braces, wrist wraps.

Knee Braces

A knee brace extends the above and below the knee joint. The main reason to wear these braces is to support and stabilize the knee. A hinged knee brace can prevent flexion or extension instability. For daily activities, knitted compression knee sleeves are a good option.

Ankle Braces

The Ankle brace is worn as a garment for the ankle to protect it from damage or immobilization. It will be of great help when you are recovering from sprains or any other minor injury. They provide heat and compression to the bones ensuring that the ankle is fixed properly. There are different types of ankle braces which are designed to help in several different cases of injuries.

Back Braces

A Back brace is designed to limit the motion of the spine in case of fracture or post-operative fusions. They are also useful in prevention against some progressive conditions. You can find different types of soft back braces for your injuries.

Neck Braces

The neck braces or cervical collars are designed to provide support to the immobilized neck after surgery, neck strain, or a whiplash. Whether you are looking for headgear to protect your head from concussions during a game, or you are suffering from cervical pain, the neck braces would be perfect.

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps become a popular protective and performance garment as seen in gyms worn by active individuals. It helps to stabilize the wrist joint and to prevent injuries.


In addition to the products shown on the website, we provide products with customization regarding but not limited to colors, dimensions, and accessories to meet specific needs. For any customization needs, please contact us.

The supports & braces are made in a factory with ISO 9001 certification, FDA registration, and BSCI audit. We strictly comply with manufacturing standards and continuously improve based on customers’ feedback and new requirements.

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