Adhesive Bandages

Dawn Breeze is a China supplier in high-quality first aid supplies such as bulk plastic adhesive bandage strips, flexible fabric bandages, and metal detectable bandages. We specialize in workspace first aid supplies because, at Dawn Breeze, we understand the importance of safety and protection no matter where you are. We never compromise on quality or the prices as we believe in affordable health and safety.

In our daily life, little incidents are inevitable and you must be ready for them. We have an efficient team which ensures the perfect quality of adhesive bandages and quality-control is our first priority. Our team works closely with the manufacturing team to provide customized bandages on the basis of sizes, packaging, and backing and adhesive materials in order to ensure complete satisfaction. From adhesive manufacturing to packaging, we ensure efficiency, consistent product manufacturing, and quality control.

With our quick services, high-quality adhesive bandages, and competitive prices, we have managed to become the industry leader of our market. Other than contract manufacturing, we have also been acting as wholesale suppliers and exporters.

Our partner manufacturing facility is devoted to continuous research in adhesive materials and improvement in the manufacturing process. To keep up with the market, we always strive to bring in new materials and technologies. We are looking to add to our existing bandage portfolio including sheer plastic strips, woven fabric bandages, metal detectable bandages and adhesive strips with fun prints for everyday use whether workspace, outdoors or home.

We guarantee competitive prices, fast turnaround time, and premium customer support services available to ensure excellent customer experience. Our team works tirelessly to ensure our consumers get what they were promised because we believe in transparency.

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