Custom Manufactured Plastic First Aid Box

High-volume manufacturing  plastic first aid containers & stations for your business or projects

Custom Private Mold Plastic Boxes

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By reviewing and assessing your concepts, drawings, or physical samples, we will identify the process and plastic type to produce desired product.


For complex designs, we may help to utilize 3D printing to make prototypes to validate the product idea.

Mold Production

We start making the mold after design and mold costs is confirmed. After the mold is completed, samples will be produced for review. With feedback, the mold may need to be modified to ensure it’s ready for bulk production.

Plastic Box Production

Once mold is ready and physical sample get approved, we will start bulk plastic box production. Each batch of box production undergoes quality control measures to guarantee compliance with specifications and standards.

Mold Maintenance

After each batch production, the mold will be removed and cleaned. We store molds in a cool dry place. The mold can go through many batches of production and may be worn. Before each batch, the mold will be tested and fixed if necessary.

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Blow Molding and Injection Molding: Application in Plastic First Aid Kit Boxes

Injection molding is the most common method used for manufacturing plastic first aid boxes. Blow molding is suitable for creating clam shell first aid boxes and wall stations.

Both injection molding and blow molding require molds, but injection molding molds are generally more expensive.

When designing a custom plastic first aid box, it is important to consider fundamental requirements such as secure storage, easy accessibility, and organization

Need to make custom plastic boxes in bulk?

Based on your specific requirements, we’ll assess your project to guide you through the steps, costs and expected delivery time.

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