Sheet Metal Box Facility

Our sheet metal processing factory is located in Taizhou City, China. We specialize in providing storage solutions to clients worldwide, with a focus on first aid metal boxes & cabinets, lockable medicine cabinets, eyewash stations, safety signs and wall mounts. Additionally, we take on custom projects to create metal storage boxes & sheet metal products for other industries, such as office supplies, industrial supplies and household items.

Our facility is divided into two main manufacturing floors. The metal processing floor is where we cut, bend, punch, and weld raw sheet metal material into the desired shapes for our products. In the powder spray, screen printing, and packaging floor, we finish the products with surface treatments, private labeling, and packaging with the client’s logo.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we conduct quality inspections to identify issues in real-time, ensuring that the final products meet each client’s specifications and requirements. We regularly review our quality processes and are committed to delivering the best possible products to our clients.

Manufacturing Capabilities