Blister Packaging for Bandages and Tapes

Pharmaceutical companies are massive, churning out new drugs every other day. As important as they are, packaging companies that safely deliver these supplies are equally important. Ever noticed the packaging on capsules, and tablets? It is usually a thermoformed plastic cavity covered by a thin aluminum or plastic lid. This type of packaging is called blister packaging.

Not only in the pharmaceutical industry, blister packaging also has a wide application for medical supplies such as bandage and tapes as well as consumer goods, i.e. ball pens, toys, batteries.

Application in Medical Supplies

Based on their specific application, blister packs can be of many types. Medical supplies like bandages and tapes use carded blister packaging. Here, blister cavities are created to hold a single unit of the product and then adhered to a printed card using heat sealing machinery. Sometimes double blister packaging is applied where two blister cavities are bonded in order to safely hold the product. PVC, PETG, PET are commonly used plastics in this economical and effective packaging.

Advantages of Blister Packaging

Though there are numerous other packaging options available, such as sachets, pouches, and bottles, there are several reasons why blister packaging is preferred.

  • Medical bandages and tapes need to be protected from moisture, heat, and gas. Else they would become contaminated, unusable, and potentially dangerous. Blister packs provide a protective barrier against external contaminants. In doing so, they improve the shelf life of these products.
  • Through the transparent plastic, customers can see the products clearly. In this regard, products with blister packaging are more visually attractive to customers.
  • Manufacturers use the lid of blister packs to write usage instructions. The instructions are easier for users to read compared to those written on regular plastic pouch packaging. Also, more information could be provided on the card to give customers helpful tips.
  • They can include promotional material on the lid, which will give them good visibility among customers. The paper cards can be designed and colored in a way that helps build a brand identity and customer loyalty. So, blister packaging is great for in-store displays that are competitive in the marketplace.
  • Blister packs are quite convenient. Either by popping it open or tearing, the product inside the package can be taken out easily. 
  • The blister packs are child-proof that deter toddlers from accidentally opening the pack and contaminating the contents. 

These factors make blister package a popular choice among medical manufacturers. Despite the advantages we have mentioned, it is also important to select proper packaging styles based on target markets. If your target markets are professional health care service providers who already have a good knowledge of the products and tend to buy in large quantities, packaging methods such as plastic pouches might be a good option.


At Dawn Breeze, we offer different kinds of packaging for bandages & tapes with your specific requirements. Various types of bandages and tapes are made to order, providing flexible customization for your brands.


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