Best Knee Support for Running

Knee pain from running is more common than you may imagine. The major cause of pain is repetitive motion, and the pain in this case tends to be chronic. Injury sustained during training is the less frequent cause of knee pain among runners. In the former case, the position of your foot and the biomechanics of your leg determine the risk of suffering knee pain. In the latter, errors in training technique, sudden high-intensity training, or overuse from training only your leg without mixing it up with other exercises, can give rise to knee pain.

A knee support is one of the solutions for knee pain from running. Knee straps, braces and tapes have become a popular remedy for aching and/or injured knees, with these devices offering support to joints and muscles to alleviate pain and support recovery.


Let’s take a closer look at knee support for running:

– Resembling bands, straps are wrapped around mostly the bottom of the knee, and sometimes at the top. The intention is to distribute pressure over a large area and remove the stress from the affected area. The action of straps on the knee joint also provides feedback to the brain so that muscles supporting the knee stay doubly alert (proprioceptive feedback).

– Kinesiotape (K tape) microscopically lifts the skin to create convolutions in the skin, which reduces pressure and inflammation, while also facilitating more effective blood flow and lymphatic fluid in the target areas. When used as a knee support for running, K tape can help prevent injury and increase proprioception.

– Knee braces are popularly used to help avoid injury, offer additional support during strenuous activity, and provide proprioceptive feedback. There are different types of knee braces designed to address specific problems or purposes. An understanding of what each can do is helpful in making an informed purchase.

Knee support devices are a temporary remedy for knee pain and discomfort. Underlying reasons must be probed to manage the condition effectively.

Selecting a knee support for running

There are five common types of knee support:

Hinged knee support  Athletes with ligament damage are usually recommended a hinged knee support by physicians. This device increases stability and protects the ligament. It can be worn all through the day, but its metal components may not make it conducive for most sporting activities.

Closed patellar knee support  Mostly used to address swelling in the knee, this support device also beneficial when it is challenging to isolate the pain area(s) along the knee. As it compresses the knee cap, a closed patellar knee support is not meant for daily use, and must be reserved for walks and jogs.

Open patellar knee support  If you’re suffering from pain behind your knee cap, an open patellar knee support can provide relief. As it doesn’t compress the knee, it can be worn everyday for various activities.

Patellar tendon support  The patellar tendon connects the kneecap to the lower leg bone. Overuse of the patellar tendon is a common cause of pain and/or injury among runners. Patellar tendon knee support for running compresses this tendon to spread and lower the intensity of strain across the entire tendon.

Adjustable stabilizing knee support  Usually worn by athletes recovering from ligament injuries, this support device offers additional support during walks and certain types of sports.

What to look for in a knee support for runners

When shopping for a knee support, consider the following factors:

Design : The device should have a non-slip design that holds it in place during strenuous activity.

Durability and maintenance : The knee support should be made of breathable fabric that wicks moisture and ensures comfort. It should also be easily washable in a washing machine and quick to dry.

Optimal stabilization : The device should address patellar tracking, where the kneecap shifts out of place when you straighten or bend your knee. Look for supports that provide patellar stabilization and ease your pain.

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