Bamboo Charcoal: Health Benefits and Uses in Knitted Supports

Believe it or not, bamboo charcoal has been around for over 500 years. Its use dates back to the Ming Dynasty in the 1400s. Since then, it has been used for a number of medicinal and cosmetic purposes. What is bamboo charcoal, you ask? As the name suggests, it is charcoal obtained from bamboo shoots. Bamboo charcoal is made by harvesting bamboo and burning it at high temperatures, a process called pyrolysis. Unlike regular charcoal, bamboo charcoal grows fast. Thus, it can be planted in large numbers and harvested quickly.


Bamboo Charcoal Health Benefits 

Bamboo charcoal has a number of benefits that make it a suitable material for a number of different purposes. Here are five of its most important properties.

Odor elimination – Bamboo charcoal is much better at removing unwanted odors than regular charcoal. It consists of countless pores that absorb and remove odors effectively. So, rather than masking the odor – which many deodorizers do – it completely removes it from your footwear, bags, fridge, garage, kitchen etc.

Humidity control – The porosity of bamboo charcoal allows moisture and air to permeate easily. In cases of high humidity, bamboo charcoal makes the air dry by removing excess moisture from it. In low humidity, moisture is released from the charcoal, making the air less dry. This way, bamboo charcoal can easily manage humidity levels in any place.

Water purification – Bamboo charcoal consists of a number of essential minerals such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium. When it is added to water, these minerals are released and toxic chemicals such as chlorine are removed. While this water cannot be used for drinking, it can be used for bathing, washing, and other household purposes.

Negative ionization – You know the feeling you get from breathing fresh and unpolluted air, like your body is being rid of everything toxic and being filled with positive energy? That feeling is due to the presence of negative ions. Negative ions are usually present in natural idyllic places such as waterfalls and springs. Bamboo charcoal generates negative ions that remove pollen, dander, smoke, dust, and even bacteria and viruses from the air. The absence of these factors calms your parasympathetic nervous system.

Environment-friendly – Bamboo charcoal is made by burning bamboo. However, it does not produce heavy residue. The remnants of the process can be recycled and used again and again. Plus, its absorbing and deodorizing properties only make it a multi-functional all-natural product.

Uses in knitted supports

Bamboo charcoal is embedded in knitted supports to provide relief for acute and chronic muscular problems in addition to the following.

Bamboo charcoal easily absorbs not just odors and moisture but also a number of toxic chemicals such as ammonia. Therefore, it prevents your injury from getting contaminated from exposure to these toxins.

Knitted supports can get heated easily. The cooling properties of bamboo charcoal prevent this from happening. The charcoal provides adequate moisture and allows the fabric to breathe, making the wearer comfortable.

By removing impurities and toxins, bamboo charcoal prevents your injury from becoming infected. The healed skin is also stronger and healthier than before.

Bamboo charcoal produces infrared rays that improve blood circulation. When used in knitted supports, your muscles are warmed and become much more relaxed with reduced stiffness and discomfort. The circulation also promotes faster healing by renewing damaged cells in the body.

Knitted supports made from bamboo charcoal last longer than other supports. You can wear the support till your injury is completely healed.

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