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Ankle Compression Sleeve For Swelling

Ankle injuries are the most commonly encountered sports injuries. Although most often seen in athletes and sports persons, ankle injuries can happen at any age, to anyone. Common Ankle Injuries That Cause Swelling The ankle is a weight bearing joint and is made up of ligaments, bones, muscles and tendons. Injury to any one of […]

Commercial Printing on Metals: Screen Printing and Digital Printing

Metal is a durable material that lasts longer than paper, fabric or any other material. That’s why it is commonly used in making traffic and safety signs. Plus, many products are packaged in metal boxes, owing to their long-lasting properties. As you may have inferred, metal boxes and signs are produced to last for years […]

Blister Packaging for Bandages and Tapes

Pharmaceutical companies are massive, churning out new drugs every other day. As important as they are, packaging companies that safely deliver these supplies are equally important. Ever noticed the packaging on capsules, and tablets? It is usually a thermoformed plastic cavity covered by a thin aluminum or plastic lid. This type of packaging is called […]

Is Nitrile Latex Free?

There are several reasons why latex is popular in different industries. It is flexible, fit, resilient, and protects the skin from contamination. However, many people are allergic to latex. Prolonged exposure to it can lead to symptoms from skin redness, itching to breathing problems. The primary cause of latex allergy is the presence of antigenic proteins in […]

Best Knee Support for Running

Knee pain from running is more common than you may imagine. The major cause of pain is repetitive motion, and the pain in this case tends to be chronic. Injury sustained during training is the less frequent cause of knee pain among runners. In the former case, the position of your foot and the biomechanics […]

Introduction to Common Materials Used in Orthopedic Supports

Musculoskeletal issues are most commonly seen in athletes as they put tremendous pressure on their muscles and joints. But, it can also occur in people who have a highly active lifestyle. Orthopedic supports are used to correct these issues and hasten recovery. They are also used to prevent injury and enhance mobility. The type of […]

What’s in Reusable and Disposable Cold Packs?

Overview Cold Packs, also referred to as ice packs, are widely used in medical and food preservation industry. Compared to regular ice, they are more convenient, leak-free and easily contours as a liquid existence. In the medical field, cold pack is an important element in first aid treatment for soft tissue injuries. It helps reduce pain and swelling. […]