About Us

We Are Leading Metal First Aid Kit Manufacturer in China

Dawn Breeze is a manufacturer and exporter of first aid kits and supplies, sheet metal first aid boxes and cabinets, safety & emergency products.

Our factories and operational office is located in National Medical Hi-Tech District in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. We can conveniently ship our products worldwide from the nearby Shanghai port.

At our metal processing facility we utilize advanced machinery to produce high-quality metal boxes and stations for various industries. Moreover, our clean room facility enable us to manufacture medical first aid kits with care.

Our own facilities allows us to offer custom manufactured products which cater to various metal product and first aid kit needs. Whether it may be product specification, label design, and printing, packaging or shipping requirements, we are dedicated to making sure that the product is perfect for our clients.


First Aid Kit Industry Knowledge

Our deep understanding of the first aid kit industry allows us to meet client needs effectively, offering tailor-made solutions.

Metal Box Production Expertise

With years of experience, we've developed expertise in producing high-quality boxes and professional packing solutions to ensure long-distance transportation safety.

Economically Efficient Results

Our efficient operations and rich experience in the industry lead to cost-effective solutions for clients.

Our Facility

Factory Building


Metal Processing

Powder Spraying

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